Analyzing political ads

Examine approximately five different print, radio and/or TV advertisements political candidates are using to convince candidates to vote for them or to support their policies. What techniques are the advertisers using to influence potential donors? Do different candidates use the same technqiues? To the extend possible, link the techniques you've observed in your ads with the research on influence and attitude changes you are learning about from class and readings. The Cialdini book, Influence: Science and Practice, should be your prime resource. Although you were assigned only go a portion of the Cialdini book for class, feel free to use principles from anywhere in the book in your analysis.Pick one of the advertisements that you think is especially interesting or effective, and come to class prepared to discuss what make the ad effective.  If the ad is using a technique identified in the Cialdini book, call out the principle and how it is being applied.  If it is using a technique Cialdini didn't identify, describe what you think makes the technique effective. Write up your observations about one advertisement in the class forum on attitude change.  Be prepared to make a 2-4 minute presentation about your advertisement in class.