Compare a good and bad team

Identify two groups you’ve worked on or observed, where you think one was substantially better than the other.  Write a short essay of no more than 600 word explaining why one was better than the other.  Be explicit about the outcome(s) you are using as the basis of your evaluation. What about the two groups accounts for the differences in outcomes?  To the extent possible, use concepts from the course readings and lectures to explain why one group was better than the other.  Although groups can differ on many dimensions, your essay will be more coherent and have more depth if you focus on a single cause rather than superficially discussing several.  Provide enough concrete detail about the group and how this factor influenced the outcomes so that an outsider unfamiliar with the group can follow your reasoning. Turn in your essay by creating a forum post in, with the subject line "lastname-group comparison" (e.g., "kraut-group comparison") and upload your essay as an attachment to the post, formatted as a Word document .This assignment is due by Sunday, 9/17 @ 10PM