Comparing technologies for remote collaboration

Compare N (3) technologies that are designed to support distance collaboration in terms of how well they reduce the costs of grounding identified in Clark and Brennan (1991) .  One way to tackle this assignment is to fill in the table below, briefly  (in a single sentence)  describing how the technology handles this costs. Use NA if it doesn't address the cost.  Then tag each method with one of these evaluative labels for how successfully you think this method  how well this method reduces the costs: 1. Poor. 2. Fair. 3. Good. 4. Very Good. 5. Excellent.

Pick three combinatins of technology and costs that you think stand out, either because they do a much better job of reducing the cost than do competing technologies, or because they do a much worse job than average.  Explain why they do so well or poorly.

Cost Technology 1 Technology 2 Technology 3
  Method for reducing the cost Evaluation Method for reducing the cost Evaluation Method for reducing the cost Evaluation
Formulation costs            
Production costs            
Reception costs            
Understanding costs            
Start-up costs            
Asynchrony costs            
Speaker change costs            
Display costs            
Fault costs            
Repair costs            

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