Evaluating technology for distributed work

This assignment has two components. 

Part 1: In the first part of the assignment, you and a teammate will write a short (2-page, < 800 word) essay describing two examples from the videos used in Gergle, D., Kraut, R. E., & Fussell, S. R. (2013) that help you decide whether conversational grounding and task awareness are indeed two distinct phenomenon or not.  There are links to some of the videos below. Your team needs to agree on examples to use that illustrate your point, and describe what about the behavior from those examples provides evidence to distinguish grounding from awareness or that shows that they are the same thing.  The best way to decribe the examples you are using is to transcribe snippets of the verbal communication between director and worker along with the behavior that goes along with the language. 

In completing this portion of the assignment, your team cannot meet in person to view the videos, plan your approach or discuss your findings.  Instead, you must use some type of text-based, audio or video collaboration technologies to complete the assignment. One goal of this assignment is to get you to think about doing technology-mediated distributed work for a highly interdependent task. Therefore, do not do this assignment using an extreme division of labor (e.g.,  converting a collaborative task into a solo one), in which different students select, analyze and write up each example. The selection, analysis of the video clips and planning of the essay should be all be done jointly, although you can divide the work for writing.  

Ths portion of the assignment is due by  midnight, Sun Oct 1. Post your essays at Communication technology essay (part 1- team).  Please name your uploaded files with the last names of both students involved in the essay (e.g., Kraut-Smith-tech-essay-1).

Part 2: The second component of the assignment is an individually written, short short (< 800 word) assessment of your team’s group process and outcomes for part 1 of the assignment. This assessment requires reflection on your group’s interactions and provides the opportunity to apply course concepts and learn from the team's project experience.

Assessments will be evaluated on the extent to which they answer the assigned reflection questions, provide thorough description of the actual behaviors and processes the group employs, and apply class concepts to better understand the group’s process and performance. Your individual assessments should be Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spaced, and should not exceed 750 words in length. This portion of the assignment is due by the midnight Sun 10/8. Post these essays at Communication technology essay (part 2- individual). Please name your uploaded files with the last names of both students involved in the essay (e.g., Kraut-tech-essay-2).

Please address each of the following reflection questions in your individual assessment:


  1.  How did your team members communicate with each other, in terms of  content, frequency, method?  Be sure to adequately describe the (combination of) collaborative technologies your team used. 
  2. How did your team coordinate its work across members? (assignments, idea integration, writing, etc.) What worked and what did not work well?
  3. In what ways did your use of technology facilitate your team's work or hamper it? What changes in the technology would have allowed you to be more effective in phase one of this assignment?