Questions about the technology evaluation assignment

A student asked some questions about the next assignment, and here are my answers:

 Are we to watch the videos separately or do we have to watch them at the same time while communicating with each other?

You can watch the videos together via screen sharing on Hangout or Skype and that may be the best strategy, but it isn't a requirement of the assignment. The assignment requirement is to do the selection, analysis of the video clips and planning of the essay jointly. It is possible to view videos separately, but talk about them and analyze them jointly. The problem with this separate approach is that it's hard to know precisely what your partner is referring to if you don't view the videos in synch.

Which groups are presenting their ideas on Thursday?

The syllabus says, "Come to class prepared to show the portion of video clips you are using to argue that grounding and awareness are either different and the same."  However, because of an earlier change in schedule, Thursday's class occurs several days before the written assignment is due. Therefore, I don't expect most students to have watched the videos before class. If you have already watched the video and would like to volunteer to discuss the clips you are using, please send me email today (Wed) before 10PM. Presenting in class is an opportunity to get feedback about your ideas before writing up your assignment. If no one volunteers we won't have this in-class activity. I will not pick randomly from students attending the class


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