Some possible course-relevant WP articles that need work

I've listed below some possible Wikipedia articles to work on, but you should not limit your choices to this short list.  Whether the article is on the list or not, the criteria you should use to select an article are:

  1. You are interested enough in the topic to want to learn more about it
  2. There is enough verifiable information especially from review articles and other secondary sources that you can reply upon to improve the article
  3. The article quality isn't already so high that it would be difficult to improve.  Before you commit to working on a particular article, check out its quality by pasting a recent revision_id for the article in (e.g., shows the hidden_profile article is a "C" quality.)  It will be easier to improve articles that are low B quality or below than ones that are above this threshold.
  4. The topic is a least marginally related to our course.  C quality 3.01/6  C quality 3.43/6 Low B quality 3.98/6   C quality 3.69/6  B 4.02/6 Start 1.98/6

Susan Brennan (new article)

Linda Argote (new article) Start quality 2.3/6 C quality. 3.01/6 B quality. 3.91/6 B quality. 3.92/6  B quality. 3.72/6 C quality. 3.7/6  low B quality 3.8/6 Low B (3.5) B quality (3.9) C quality (3.54) C quality (3.35) C quality (3.26) C quality (3.81) Low C (3.11) Low C (3.20) C (3.47)

group faultlines (new article) (currently part of team_composition article. Start (2.67) B (3.72)