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WikiEdu Timeline 

You can create a Wikipedia account and link it to our class by clicking on this link.

List of student names & WP usernamesIdentify the page you are editing and your partner on the speadsheet here.

 In the Wikipedia writing assign you will try to improve an existing Wikipedia article page relevant to course topics, or create a new article, aiming for good article quality. There were three goals for the Wikipedia assignment. 

    1. Develop expertise about a topic relevant to the course while writing the project
    2. Improve the world's knowledge about an important topic by adding your expertise to the the relevant page
    3. Learn how working in an online community operates

 The details of the Wikipedia assignment, with a timeline for major milestones, are on the WikiEdu Timeline. This timeline also contains pointers to tutorial materials. To receive full credit all graded assignments that are part of the Wikipedia project need to be turned in the Sunday following the week they are assigned by 6PM.

Here are some helpful Wikipedia links, including about structure of good articles.

Here is a link to a tool that shows the automatically-assessed quality of a Wikipedia article:  

For example, the revision number 625534708 shows the quality assessment for a version of the WP article on Organizational Learning before students in the class started workiing on it in Sept 2014, and the revision number 637650481 shows its quality assessment score after they improved it.  As you can see, they improved the article from C article (3.7/6) to a B- one (4.2/6). This is a substantial improvement in quality and, as a result, they received one of the highest grades in the class for their Wikipedia assignment.  You can use this tool both to help pick articles that need work and to assess your own progress over the semester.  You can get the version of an article from the history view of any Wikipedia page.  This here is a link that shows the process

Here is a link that shows articles Organizational Communication students improved in 2016. 




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