Wikipedia self-reflection

  • Write and turn in a reflective essay  (5-10 pages) on your Wikipedia contributions. The essay should have two components. Each team will submit a single reflective essay.
  • The first section should describe and document what you actually did for the assignment and provide a rationale for your changes. Here you should include a URL to the article you worked on and provide an overview of the work you did.  What were your improvement goals. Why these goals?. What types of contributions did you make?  How did you reorganize the page, if you did.  What areas in the article did you expand?  What new material did you add?  What is your assessment of the extent of the improvements you made -- e.g., small updates or corrections ,  adding new section, major reorganization, etc.
  • The second section should describe what you learned about how an online community operates by participating in the assignment.  What kind of interaction did you have with the Wikipedia infrastructure (e.g., policies and guidelines) or with members of the community? What does Wikipedia do to make it easy or hard for newcomers to participate?  How could Wikipedia more effectively take advantage of motivated volunteers like you?